Policies & Pricing

Pricing:   Prices range from $1600.00 (for black and apricots) to $1800.00 (for reds and brown).   

Puppy Deposit:  After speaking with us, a $250.00 non- refundable deposit  (AKA- a non-refundable reservation fee) will reserve a puppy for you. If using PayPal, the non-refundable reservation fee is $258.00. The non-refundable deposit/reservation fee will be applied towards the total price of your puppy. We accept personal checks, money orders and PayPal ($258). The E-sign guarantee is required to be completed at the time of the deposit. 

After the puppies are born  genders will be assigned based on the order of the deposits received and the choice of genders on the puppy applications. For example, 1st pick of the males, 2nd pick of the males, etc. If the color, and or gender that you wanted is not available, you will be contacted and have the option of choosing another color and or gender, receiving your deposit back, or moving your deposit forward to another litter in our next available deposit spot. The deposit is NOT refundable if there is an appropriate color and  gender available and the buyer changes their mind. Your choice of color and gender cannot be changed unless one is available. Your deposit/reservation fee is non-refundable for any other reason at any other time. This allows us to find homes for the remaining available puppies. We reserve the right to first pick of any litter and will make our intentions known. We reserve the right to refuse sale of a puppy at any time if we feel that we cannot meet the buyers needs. If the sale is teriminated by the breeder, the deposit/reservation fee will be returned.

 When it's time to select your puppy, (at 8 weeks of age), if you don't find one that is suitable, your deposit can be moved forward to another litter in our next available deposit spot. 

Do We Allow Visitors?

In order to protect your puppy and our dogs we are not able to offer visits. Avoidnance is the only way to ensure that our puppies stay healthy!

Unfortunately young puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to life threatening illnesses, including Parvo. When diseases like Parvo strike, they can kill a whole litter in a matter of hours. Parvo is at epidemic proportions in our area. We provide new pictures and updates of our puppies regularly to all of our puppy families.

Parvo is spread in the saliva, urine and feces of an infected dog. It can survive in extremely cold and hot temperatures. It can live on an inanimate object for 6 to 12 months and in the soil for up to a year. People that unknowingly come into contact with the disease, can then carry and spread this deadly virus on the soles of their shoes, clothing, skin and even on their car tires!  Parvo is virulent, contagious and EXTREMELY hard to kill. Regular cleaning will not kill Parvo. If a breeder were to get parvo in their home, they may never be able to have puppies there again.

Shipping: YES we CAN ship your puppy to you!! If your puppy is being shipped to you, the balance on  the puppy needs to be paid in full by by the  time the puppy reaches  six weeks  of age.  If your puppy is NOT being shipped..

You have 2 options- The first option is- we can ship your puppy to you on a flight form Syracuse International Airport in New York. Ticket cost is around $250.00 to $300.00. With this choice, there is an additional $135.00 fee which covers  the flight health certificate, airline approved shipping crate and an airport transport fee.  OR --You can fly into Syracuse, pick up your puppy (we could meet you at the airport) and have the puppy  fly home with you in the cabin as carry on. You will have an additional fee of $85.00 to cover the cost of the flight health certificate and airport transport fee.

Picking out and bringing home your puppy:  When the puppies are 8 weeks old, we schedule a day and time (usually on a Saturday, sometimes a Sunday) for everyone to pick out exactly which puppy in the litter will be theirs, by the order of the deposits received and by the color and gender that you selected. Your new puppy will go home with you that same day!

Puppies will be chosen in the order of the deposits received and by the color and  gender that you selected. For example, if there are 4 red girls and your reservation is for  a red girl, you will choose your puppy based on the number you are on the deposit list for the red girls. Come and meet the puppies, the parents and  us. When it's your turn to choose your puppy, if  you don't find one suitable for you, your deposit can be moved  forward to another litter in our next available deposit spot. Please remember to be on time, the next person on our deposit list will be coming an hour after you,  to pick out their puppy too! Small children will not be able to pick up the puppies. You will need to remove your shoes and use hand sanitizer when you come in.

You must not visit another breeder, canine care facility, pet store or shelter on the same day that you visit us.

We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy at any time should we feel we are not able to meet the buyers needs or that buyer is not a good fit for one of our puppies. Should the sale be terminated by us, your deposit will be returned to you.


Our puppies are sold on a spay/ neuter contract, meaning that you do not have permission to breed one of our dogs.

What if I cannot pick up my puppy when you say they are scheduled to go home?   If you need us to keep your puppy beyond our scheduled going home date, we will charge a boarding fee of  $30.00 per day plus the cost of any vaccinations or wormings that are needed. This fee is due to the individualized  attention 8 week old  puppies require, sometimes day and night  on potty training and crate training etc.

What you will need when you bring home your new puppy:  So many people ask me what they will need to get before they bring home their puppy, so I thought I'd add that question to this page. You will need to get a few toys, a water and food bowl, a puppy brush and shampoo, puppy food and a crate if you plan to crate train your puppy. We recommend crate training and send home a puppy packet with lots of useful information including a page on crate training your puppy. Don't forget a leash and a small collar too!