Pat & Nancy,   Grady turned 1!!! We celebrated this past Sunday with lemon bars (his favorite

- anything lemon!). He looks a lot smaller than he truly is in this picture. For an idea of his size,

at six months he weighed 50 pounds! I need to weigh him again to see how much he weighs now!

He is BIG!! And a bundle of energy and fun. He loves to go snow-shoeing with us, in fact his current

favorite activity is eating the snow. Seriously, we could not have asked for a better dog, and Nic and

I continue to marvel at how lucky we are. The saying is true - all you need is love, and a dog!

Hi Nancy,-

Just wanted to thank for our little girl! She is a joy and a sweetheart. She LOVES being outside and I just noticed today, she is growing fast! She's a really good dog and we are thrilled to have her as part of our family. I attached some pictures of Owen and Rosie. The surprise on that Saturday morning was really fun, but with the rainy morning, it was too dark to get good pictures. Owen was very surprised and loved that he got woken up by her. Thank you again!


She is amazing. I can't believe how smart poodles are. Let me know if the video works. She will do the same thing without treats.
She just loves life and is so happy. One night she slept 8 hours, but that was a fluke. Usually up once at night, sometimes 2, and then we are up for the day at 5-6. We go to bed at 8ish, so that's pretty good. If we could stay up to midnight she might be able to make it through.
We put a bell on her collar so we can hear her stirring, and so we don't step on her as she is under foot so much, and the color of our floor. She took her first walk around the block, but didn't care for the blowup scary decorations about 3/4 of a way around, so I carried her the rest of the way.
The vet checked all her parts and she got her shot.
I have no idea what we did all day before we got her! She is a complete doll. You guys method of caring for your dogs has resulted in wonderful pets. You should be very proud.
Jane and Celeste, and of course, Tally!





Nancy- Here is Molly,  in her new home in  Georgia.  She is very friendly, a little shy at first,

has a very gentle personality and loves hugs and kisses. We would get another Molly in a

second! We Love, Love, Love her!!!

Rayne, with Mike and Maria. They are a local Veterinarian and licensed Veterinary technician who adopted one of our puppies from Treasure and Harley. They say Rayne is an amazing dog who captures everyone's heart. She is very popular because of  her pink Mohawk! 



Hello Nancy & Pat

 We are really happy to have Rembrandt in our family. He is so smart, charming and a wonderful friend for everyone in our family. We can't imagine our lives without him. Rembrandt is a very clever dog who likes to learn and be active. We know he is very happy to have us as well and this can be seen every day with many kisses and hugs especially for our kids. Thank you once again for this wonderful dog.
We wish you all the best and will be in touch.
P.S. We just recently celebrated his very first Birthday and he was very happy to have his Birthday party.



                            Ginger and her  Dad relaxing and watching TV together. She SO loves her dad!!


Marigold is so spoiled and so comfortable in her new home! What a lucky dog!

Remmy, lives in Canada with his wonderful new family. He's so loved and smart!


John, Trevi & Allise , this is Trevi's first plane ride to New Jersey. He is such a natural! Where's Trevi's sunglasses?

                     Sophie and Jill, this is Jill's senior picture!

Killian at 14 weeks. I like my new home! I'm doing well. Hi to mom and dad!


Dear Nancy:
Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful puppy. Blackie, now Nicka, has, as you said, a very calm nature...(interspersed, of course with a bit of wild puppy antics)... She definitely tells you what she wants...
She is very smart (I swear she listens...) and very affectionate...from the first she slept thru the night...is now almost completely house broken...as long as I pay attention to HER schedule. I feel that I really lucked out.
She is growing very fast, now at least twice the size she was when I got her... I attach a few pictures...but taken a week ago so she is bigger now...When I have some new pictures I will send...
Again, thank you for breeding such a great dog.
Best, Cornelia R.

Hi Nancy- I wanted to send you a picture of our favorite poodle. Her favorite

thing is squirrel spoting! Unfortunately for us and Rayne, we don't have any

snow right now! She loves to play in it and I love to track her footsteps!

With warm regards- Pamela, Eric, Rayne and Sabrina

Thank you for making for such a wonderful experience. My mom is so excited . Brady is so smart and already has adapted to his new environment. He plays with his toys already is going to the door when he has to go out. That after only showing him once. Over the years we have had many experiences purchasing puppy's and never has the experience been as professional as this one. You can tell these puppies have been given a great start in life Attached is a picture of him on the way home.
Thank you again my mom is so happy -Scott